Mārama Real-time Consumer Experience Feedback

Mārama collects real-time feedback from your consumers and their family / whānau and presents the results in attractive graphical displays. Mārama has been developed by CBG in a large two year trial funded by the Health and Disability Commissioner. The core Mārama questions are available in 7 different languages.

Mārama is a standard survey tool, however, organisations can add additional questions following the core set of questions. Organisations may also develop their own additional surveys. Mārama includes powerful Business Intelligence tools that let you develop and distribute your own analyses of your data.

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Core Features

Offline Surveys

Collect data offline without being connected to the Internet.

Survey Designer

Design your mobile survey with the drag and drop editor. No programmer required!

Android Tabs or iPads

Capture data on your iPads and Android Tablets.

User Management

Easily manage one or hundreds of devices and field workers.

Greater Engagement

Benefit from higher response rates and faster results.

Data Export

Download your results in Microsoft Excel.

Advanced Analytics and BI


Demographics are automatically produced – with drill down and slice and dice options


Mapping tools are available.


KPI monitoring and tabbed views of multiple metrics

Group Views

Devices can be grouped and reported in logical service clusters.

Live Results

Live results – these can be displayed on any website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

Please register via the Expression of Interest form on this site and a member of the team will be in touch to discuss your requirements or email support@maramasurvey.co.nz. Have a play with the pricing calculator to help you decide how many surveys you want to start with and number of devices.

Can we use Mārama for our current Consumer Satisfaction Survey?

Yes. The Ministry of Health have indicated their intent to replace the current paper-based survey with Mārama. Discussions are currently underway and we expect to have a Consumer Satisfaction Survey replacement sometime in 2016.

How much does Mārama cost?

Please use the pricing calculator to see exactly what Mārama Consumer Experience Real-time Feedback would cost per annum for your organisation. There are a wide range of customisation and support options. The site license is $2800 pa and includes…

*Option of adding 2 additional questions into HDC survey – $150 set up fee per additional question applies

The analytics includes a real-time reporting website and a full Business Intelligence system. You can design and distribute your own reports which can be as simple or sophisticated as you want. You can also buy additional surveys for $1000 which we will design and modify for you – you only need to supply the text and translations.

What are the Mārama questions?

Listed below or download Core Questions

I am completing this survey as… a consumer or service user or person seeking support OR  family, whānau or friend

Thinking about your most recent experience with the service/people who support you, how much do you agree or disagree with the following statements (5 point Likert with smiley faces).

Q1 Relationship/Partnerships.  I feel respected

Q2 Communication/Information. I am involved in decision making

Q3 Continuity of Care/Coordination. The people I see communicate with each other when I need them to (Don’t know option)

Q4 Family Involvement.  My family / whānau are given information and encouraged to be involved (N/A option)

Q5 Recovery and Support.  I have the support I need for the future

Q6 Recovery and Support. Our plan is reviewed regularly

Q7 Friends and Family.  I would recommend this service to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment

Q8 Free Text. Is there anything you want to say about your recent experience with the service or anything you think we can improve on?

Demographics: Age group / Gender / Ethnicity

What hardware or devices do we need?

Organisations are responsible for purchasing and managing their own devices. Mārama will work on iPads and Android devices but is not currently available on Windows devices.

The Mārama service is hosted on CBG’s own servers – all reports, the surveys designer, survey management and Business Intelligence websites can be accessed on any web browser. Please see the list of  RECOMMENDED DEVICES AND SPECIFICATIONS

If you wish to purchase another device not on this list it will need to be approved by CBG before purchase so that we can be sure it meets the minimum specifications needed to run Mārama.

Is the data safe?

Yes. All data on tablets is stored in an encrypted form. If a tablet was stolen the data from Mārama will be unreadable. The data that is uploaded to the Mārama servers is stored on CBG’s own servers. It is not stored “in the cloud”.  Our servers are protected by biometric scanning and double locks on data warehouse servers and on individual cabinets. All access is password protected, and locked to specific IP addresses. We conduct regular independent security audits.

What webinars do you run?

We are running a series of webinars depending on demand. We will record and post on this site for those who are unable to attend. The next webinar is to be confirmed.


Overview of analytics package and demo of how to create your own reports) (30min)

Broadcasting and Scheduling Reports (5mins)


What is a 'Site'?

We talk about the ‘Site Licence’, which is a base package including survey software, services and analytics. There is an annual fee (see FAQ on cost and pricing calculator). For the purposes of the Mārama Real-time Feedback programme a ‘site’ can be an individual, individual organisation, DHB, NGO, or a group of any of these.

For example, several NGO’s may wish to spread the cost by using one site licence, which includes 5 device licenses, but purchase additional device licenses.  We require one identified liaison person at each ‘site’ to work with, so in the example above there would need to be an identified person to manage all organisations that come under that site license.

What if I want more than two additional questions?

For the HDC core survey only two additional questions are permitted. Provider, consumer and family / whānau feedback in the pilot advocated for the survey to be short and easy to understand. The survey encourages people to complete multiple times, as their experiences may vary each contact or appointment.

These can be selected from a ‘question bank‘, which contains questions and translations used in the pilot. We will add questions used by other organisations as the programme progresses. Alternatively organisations can provide questions of their own.

The software has been designed to allow sites to quickly design and implement new surveys of their own if required using our survey designer tool. We can provide a quote to do this for sites if they prefer and assist in question design.

Do we need to get our additional questions translated?

The HDC questions set is available in 7 languages. The additional questions need to be translated as they are part of the same survey. For any additional surveys, organisations can run in one language, several, or all listed below.

Organisations are responsible for their own translations. As more organisations use Mārama we will develop a bank of questions and translations, which will be made accessible to participating organisations to select from. Currently we have set of additional questions and translations used in the pilot you may wish to use.

  • English
  • Māori
  • Tongan
  • Samoan
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Hindi
How can we see the results and analyses?

Included in the site license is an impressive analytics package which is continually improving.

1. Live reports updating every 10 minutes- provides a simple summary of results, good for presenting to the public and services. See example

2. Organisational reports updating hourly, see example. A set of  automatically populated analyses for the HDC question set. Accessible via a secure website, with numerous sharing and broadcasting options. You can also opt to use a full Business Intelligence system. You can design and distribute your own reports with the drag and drop editor. A simple analysis can take only a few minutes to create.

If you prefer, we can quote to design and modify your surveys. Where appropriate we can make additional analysis available for all participating organisations, growing the standard set of analysis over time.

 If you choose to purchase additional surveys with your own questions, the data will be available on the same website. The same business intelligence tools will be available for creating reports.
What support do you offer?

CBG will work at a reasonable level with one key identified person for each site licence, to ensure they are able to use the software and are able to load and run the survey(s). Your organisation is responsible for wider staff training unless otherwise arranged.

CBG can provide a quote for additional support, training days, and development of additional analytics, question/survey design and writing if required. Higher level support may incur additional costs at the discretion of CBG and in negotiation with the client.

Depending on demand, we will be holding a series of webinars demonstrating the survey designer and the Business Intelligence tool for the organisational analytics. 0800 support will also be provided.

There is an online support portal available for users , which will continue to be developed throughout 2016 and includes:

  • Help ticket system and tracking of communications
  • Survey installation and training resources
  • Patient/service information and resources, leaflet and posters
  • Current and past newsletters
  • Shared solutions and resources
  • Community chat forum

Expression of Interest

Please complete the expression of interest form if you would like to use Mārama Consumer Experience Real-time Feedback.


Pricing Calculator

Pricing Calculator
  • All sites must have at least one base license, which can be shared across organisations or each organisation can have its own license.
  • Base Site License*Per Annum per Site (DHB, NGO, Other). Must be included in the total
  • Number of devices*5 devices included in site license. 50+ call
  • Number of additional surveys*HDC survey is included in site license
  • Number of additional questions*You can add upto 2 questions to the HDC survey.
  • Your Site License: $ [Base Site License]
    Device costs if more than 5: $ [(Number of devices - 5) / 10 * 1000]
    Additional surveys: $ [(Number of additional surveys) * 1000]
    Add questions to HDC questions: $ [(Number of additional questions)]
    TOTAL COST: $ [(Base Site License) + ((Number of devices - 5) / 10 * 1000) + (Number of additional surveys * 1000) + (Number of additional questions)]


Draft Agreement Template

Terms and conditions

Core HDC Questions

List Core HDC Questions

CBG Marama Presentation

Overview Presentaion

Seeing The Patient

Kings Fund report on patient-centred care

Friends & Family NHS

Overview of the NHS Friends and Family survey

Slide Show of the Survey

For presentations or training

CBG Final Report

Final summary report for HDC

The Session Rating Scale

The therapeutic relationship is a strong predictor of outcome

Improving GP Services

Importance of patient centredness to primary care outcomes

Detailed Analytics

What’s Included in base licence

Poster for Printing

Contact CBG for printing service

HDC Literature Review

Provided to HDC for pilot

Using Patient Feedback

Using feedback to improve outcomes

National GP Survey

Description of UK GP survey

Bank of Questions

Additional questions

Leaflet for Printing

Contact CBG for printing service

Independent Evaluation

Malatest evaluation of pilot

Centred Care Project

King’s Fund review of RTF in a surgical service

Patients' Experience

Kings Fund review measurements/tools-sampling/design

About Mārama

Mārama Real-time Feedback has been developed by CBG Health Research for the Health and Disability Commissioner. Mārama was developed in 4 DHBs and 3 NGOs using 3 cycles of action research. A background research summary and an independent evaluation can be accessed in the documents section of this site.

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Key Contacts

Jack Gribben
Marama Administrator


Catherine McCullough
Senior Advisor, Policy
Health and Disability Commission (HDC)


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